What we buy at Cashforgold.TO

We buy gold of any type or condition – new, used, old, even broken gold. For example, we will buy unmatched gold earrings – those that have lost their pairs. We also buy tangled gold chains. Please review the list below to see some common types of jewellery that we buy.

We buy gold, silver and platinum in Toronto

We accept all types of gold items, including:
We buy gold in Toronto
Gold necklaces
Gold chains
Gold rings
Dental gold
Gold bracelets
Gold coins
• Gold pins
• Gold watches
Gold earrings
• Any other gold items

Cashforgold.TO may be known as a gold jewellery buyer, but we also buy silver items: silver jewellery, silver coins, silver flatware, and any other silver items.

We also buy platinum items such as platinum jewellery, platinum wedding bands and platinum wire.

We buy all gold – in any condition

These items, however, are only a few of the many types of jewellery that we buy. If you have anything that is not on the list, you can bring it to our store and have it examined by our experts for free. Alternativly you can give us a call at (416) 466-2220 – our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

To sell gold jewellery means to let go of old or broken gold that, otherwise, could stay in drawers unused. Repairing broken jewellery can cost more then it is worth, so selling gold is often the best choice. Be sure to deal with a leading Toronto cash for gold company – Cashforgold.TO.

Cashforgold.TO is licensed by the city of Toronto – expect a safe, legitimate and confidential service.