Toronto has many different neighbourhoods, and determining which ones are the best is a very personal matter. Luckily Toronto has many many different types of neighbourhoods to choose from, so no matter what type of person you are, you’ll be able to find one that suits you. Every neighbourhood in Toronto has something unique and has its subjective pros and cons. Please understand that any Toronto neighbourhood could be argued to be great and contends for gold rating.

Greek Town

toronto_greektownThis is a great neighbourhood to raise kids in – low levels of crime and lots of schools. The schools are top notch and this leads to people moving into the Greet Town just to get their children into a specific school! It also has many parks and outdoor sports fields which is great in the summer for getting out with the family.

The Annex

Living in The (distinctly special) Annex is a delight. There are so many good things about this neighbourhood that its impossible to list them all here. The food is amazing. You can buy any type of food at one of the many restaurants it has. Local people are very relaxed and down to earth. The fact that it is a university area means there is a lot of students. The beautiful old houses showcase antique architecture. Giant tree line on the streets gives the area a forest and an earthy feel. The unique Kensington market is extremely close to the Annex and the two go hand in hand.

Younge and Dundas

This area is right downtown, which is extremely convenient for “city dwellers”. It’s basically in the center of Toronto, which allows for easy transportation to almost any destination within Toronto. The amenities are astounding in quantity and varience. The Sears Center is right there, hosting tons of shops – one can shop there ’till blue in the face. The condos are a little on the expensive side, but arguebly they’re worth the extra cost – if one can afford them, than this is definitely a great part of the city for you to live.

The Junction

The Junction is a historical neighbourhood in the west end of Toronto. It is a quiet neighbourhood with many new loft spaces available due to its transformation from an industrial area to a residential one. Some of these lofts are even converted from old churches. People actually rent the steeple of the church and live in it! The Junction is home to many artists and creative types. One mustn’t look far to find historical landmarks. The area is very old and still bares many of the marks of its former life.


Living by the lake is always beautiful. Add to it the convenience of living downtown and you have yourself one awesome place to live! The waterfront is located in the downtown, but at the same time is right along the water. One of the best things about the Waterfront is that it’s just a short boat trip to center island.

Each one of these neighbourhoods are great in their own way. If you’re looking to move to a neighbourhood in Toronto, make sure do your research because different neighbourhoods cater to different people. For instance, it would be very hard to live right downtown with kids, but living in The Junction with kids is great! Either which way, in Toronto, its hard to go wrong because of what a lovely city it is!

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