Sell Gold in Carleton Village, Toronto

Carleton Village, Toronto

Cash for Gold in Carleton Village, Toronto

Carleton Village, Toronto
If you {live|are} in Carleton Village of Toronto, but {are unable to|cannot|don’t want to} visit our office, please {contact|call} us to {setup|schedule} an appointment for our Mobile Cash for Gold Service. It is a very {convenient|easy} way to sell gold, especially if you {live|are located} too far away, or are {busy|occupied} with kids or work.

Cash for Gold
We {pay|give} cash for gold – jewellery, coins, even {broken|scrap} gold. We buy any kind of gold: any karat (10K, 14K, 18K, 21K or 24K); any type ({rings|chains}, {bracelets|earrings}, etc);

Mobile Service
Mobile Secure and licensed mobile cash for gold service. {Please call|Contact us at} 416-466-2220 to {setup|make} an appointment for a local gold pickup.

Carlton and Davenport villages were established in the late 1840s around the carriage and waggon making shop of William Bull. The neighborhood was named after governor Guy Carleton. Carlton railway station was opened in 1857 and then re-built in 1885 on the east side of the CNR tracks. It was renamed West Toronto Station, as it is still called. At the centre of the neighborhood stands Wadsworth Park, named after long serving Alderman and Controller William J. Wadsworth.

The spelling of the Carleton Village name, with or without an “e”, has been contentious since the areas inception in the 1850’s. Even today, the historical street markers in the Village spell Carleton without an “e”, while the local public school spells Carleton with an “e” in its name. By the 1860’s, despite its spelling controversy, Carleton Village had emerged as a prosperous railway and industrial centre.

Transportation to us

In case if you {would like|wish} to {visit|travel to} our {office|store}, it is located right in Carleton Village. Simply take St Clair to 603 St Clair Ave W.