Sell Gold in Brockton Village, Toronto

Brockton Village, Toronto

Cash for Gold in Brockton Village, Toronto

Brockton Village, Toronto
If you {live|are} in Brockton Village of Toronto, but {are unable to|cannot|don’t want to} visit our office, please {contact|call} us to {setup|schedule} an appointment for our Mobile Cash for Gold Service. It is a very {convenient|easy} way to sell gold, especially if you {live|are located} too far away, or are {busy|occupied} with kids or work.

Cash for Gold
We {pay|give} cash for gold – jewellery, coins, even {broken|scrap} gold. We buy any kind of gold: any karat (10K, 14K, 18K, 21K or 24K); any type ({rings|chains}, {bracelets|earrings}, etc);

Mobile Service
Mobile Secure and licensed mobile cash for gold service. {Please call|Contact us at} 416-466-2220 to {setup|make} an appointment for a local gold pickup.

Although Brockton Village is a culturally diverse neighborhood, there is a very strong Portuguese influence, exemplified by the local food shops and the annual Portugal Week Parade. In addition, the Rua Acores is a stretch of Dundas Street West running through Brockton Village, which has a strong Portuguese vibe.  The McCormick Recreation Centre offers arts classes and various games and activities for the youth of the community.

Places of Interest:

“Dufferin Mall” is quite a large shopping centre to the south of Bloor Street, on the west side of Dufferin st. Before the year of 1956, the area of the mall was the site of horse racing at what was called the Dufferin Racetrack, later closed and converted to a shopping plaza.

“High Park” is a beautiful landmark covering about 400 acres of both recreational and natural park. It contains sporting and cultural facilities, gardens and children’ playgrounds, and the famous High Park Zoo. One third of the park remains in a natural , untouched, state, with a rare oak savannah ecology. High Park was opened to the public in 1876 and is still the largest park within the city of Toronto.

Transportation to us
In case if you {would like|wish} to {visit|travel to} our {office|store}, it is 10 minutes away from Brockton Village by car (take Dufferin street up to St Clair and turn east) or 20 minutes by {TTC|public transit} (get on the #29 Dufferin bus north to St Clair and then the #512 streetcar going east). Our address is 603 St Clair Ave West.