Sell Gold in Baldwin Village, Toronto

Baldwin Village, Toronto

Cash for Gold in Baldwin Village, Toronto

Baldwin Village, Toronto
If you {live|are} in Baldwin Village of Toronto, but {are unable to|cannot|don’t want to} visit our office, please {contact|call} us to {setup|schedule} an appointment for our Mobile Cash for Gold Service. It is a very {convenient|easy} way to sell gold, especially if you {live|are located} too far away, or are {busy|occupied} with kids or work.

Cash for Gold
We {pay|give} cash for gold – jewellery, coins, even {broken|scrap} gold. We buy any kind of gold: any karat (10K, 14K, 18K, 21K or 24K); any type ({rings|chains}, {bracelets|earrings}, etc);

Mobile Service
Mobile Secure and licensed mobile cash for gold service. {Please call|Contact us at} 416-466-2220 to {setup|make} an appointment for a local gold pickup.

Baldwin Village
The street got its name after William Warren Baldwin, who owned a major part of the area in early nineteenth century. The neighbourhood developed in the early 20th century as an offshoot of the Kensington Market Jewish community, as a consequence, the street became home to a number of Jewish stores and restaurants. Subsequently, the Jewish community moved north from downtown, the area’s proximity to Chinatown brought it to be populated by Chinese-Canadians.

The location of University of Toronto and surrounded area marked as the “Student Ghetto” also made the Baldwin Village to become known as a centre for the 1960s youth movements. Most notably it was the central location for draft dodgers from the Vietnam War in Toronto. It converted a number of homes to shops catering to the new community. In 1978 the first cafe on the block opened, and since then the area is considered to be one of the best known restaurant districts in Toronto.

Transportation to us
In case if you {would like|wish} to {visit|travel to} our {office|store}, it is 10 minutes away from Baldwin Village by car (take the Dudnas street East) or 20 minutes by {TTC|public transit} (get on the St. George subway station eastbound).