Twas weeks before Christmas and all through the town,
Your friends and family were searching for gold lying around!
They were happy they searched for old gold high and low,
Because they earned enough cash to top each new gift bought with a sparkly red bow!

Tick Tock, Tock Tock… Santa’s coming soon… Do you need cash fast?

Christmas is coming to TorontoOrganize a gold party and earn extra cash you can use immediately this holiday season. Tis the season to be jolly. It’s the only type of party where your guests go home richer than they arrived! The best part is that you as the gold party hostess will pocket 15% ($1000-$2000 average) at the end of the gold party.

Most of us have attended those in-home parties where everyone feels obligated to spend $$$! Gold parties have turned that concept around. Instead of trying to sell the guests a product they don’t really need, at your gold party you will have licensed company buy jewellery from your guests that they don’t really want. Christmas gifts in TorontoYour guests will have a chance to clean out the jewellery box and discover just how much their old gold is worth. All gold will be examined and tested for its gold content and weighed right in front of your guests. The buying price is then calculated based on the current gold market price.

Finding guests is easy – after all most of us have at least one piece of jewellery lying around, unworn for years and outdated in style. Anyone can find an old ring, an orphan earring, a broken chain, a gaudy brooch that they will never wear and gather them up to be appraised. Your guests will exchange all they have found and walk away with cash in hand to start or finish Christmas shopping for their loved ones.

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