Income opportunity

Gold parties:

If you are in need of extra income and don’t have any start-up capital, the best way to go is to host a Gold Party with Cashforgold.TO. As the host you will receive 15% of all purchases at your party. On average our hosts make $1000 in one evening. Read more about Gold Parties in Toronto.

Gold hunting:

You can also find a variety of gold items at the good price, at one of your local Liquidation Auctions, Flea Markets, Garage Sales etc. Make sure you look around and compare prices, and sometimes you can make over 30% profit on some resold gold items.

Cash for referrals:

We pay cash for gold, as well as cash for referrals – bring a friend to our store, and we’ll pay cash for the gold to your friend, as well as cash for referral to you. Call for more details (416) 466 2220