Sell Gold vs Platinum in TorontoSelling gold and platinum is one great way to cash in during the recession. After all, gold and platinum are two of the most precious metals known to man. Despite this economic downturn, gold and platinum are easy to sell – they are in demand and arguably never lose their value. Their exact value depends on many factors, including their composition. It is essential for anyone who wants to sell gold or platinum to have sufficient knowledge about different characteristics of gold vs platinum.

Gold durability vs platinum durability

Platinum is considered more durable and harder than gold. However, when gold is mixed with other precious metals or is plated with metals like rhodium, gold becomes as durable as platinum. But unlike gold, platinum does not easily wear away. It is corrosion resistant and thus, it does not lose any of its precious metal content.

Gold composition vs platinum composition

A 24-karat yellow gold jewellery means its composition is 100% gold. While 24-karat gold jewellery pieces are more valuable than items containing other metals, these pieces of jewellery are malleable and are also prone to scratches. On the other hand, platinum, is harder, denser and more resistant to scratches. And while pure platinum is already enough to make a beautiful piece of jewellery, it can also be combined with other metals such as tungsten or palladium to create jewellery items.

Gold price vs platinum price

The cost of a piece of gold jewellery depends on its karat or the pure gold proportion used to create it. The higher the karat, the more expensive and valuable the piece will be. A piece of gold jewellery can be priced at $1,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on its weight and designs. But compared to gold, platinum is more expensive because it is extremely rare and can only be chanced upon a few places around the world.

Gold colour vs platinum colour

Perhaps what’s great about gold is that it can be used to create jewellery pieces in different hues, including yellow, white, rose gold, red or lime gold. These colours are created by combining different shades of gold, and depending on the number of hues combined; the jewellery can be two-toned or multi-colored. On the other hand, platinum is only silvery-white. Compared to gold, platinum also does tend to dull quickly to a grayish patina and there’s no way to keep its shine other than having it professionally polished every year. White gold often keeps its shine for 20 years or more but it tends to get yellow over time.

Gold meaning vs platinum meaning

Similar to gemstones, precious metals like gold and platinum are valued because of the symbolism and meaning they hold. Gold symbolizes perfection in all aspects while platinum represents endurance. Gold denotes humanity’s goal in achieving intellectual and spiritual perfection. Platinum, on the other hand, is an emblem for determination and materializing hopes and dreams.

Knowing the characteristics of gold vs platinum is not only essential for jewelers but also for someone who want to sell these equally beautiful precious metals. It also helps jewellery buyers decide which will suit them better.

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