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Gold uses: Jewellery, Implied Investment, Electronics, Bar Hoarding, Net Producer Hedging, Coins, Dentistry, Other Industrial Uses, Medals

Gold, as we know, is one of the most significant elements in the world. Its value is near priceless and it is considered one of the benchmarks for true wealth. But this element has several other uses and in this article we’ll look into the many different gold uses.

The primary use of gold
Gold is primarily used as jewellery and an accessory. About 6000 years ago gold was already being used as an ornament. When found in its pure state, gold can easily be molded or manipulated to take on any shape, and makes a very attractive ornament to be worn.

Gold has all the special properties that make it a perfect metal to be transformed into jewellery. Its yellow color is distinct and beautiful, its luster is very high, it’s not prone to tarnishing, it can be hammered into thin sheets or molded into different shapes and it can be made into wires. All of these properties make gold a much sought after metal for jewellery, not to mention that history has always looked upon this metal as a sign of wealth and distinction.

Despite its distinction and beauty, this precious element is too soft to be used on its own in manufacturing jewellery. This is why gold uses other metals like copper, platinum and silver to enhance its durability.

Gold as currency
Gold currency TorontoApart from being manufactured into jewellery, gold has been used as a medium for financial transactions since the ancient times. Six thousand years ago when paper money was not yet in existence, gold was being used for financial transactions. Merchants and traders exchanged gold pieces for products that they needed and this practice still remaines efter the emergence of the paper money that we are accustomed to using today.

Gold uses in electronics
Aside from being used as currency or ornaments gold is also being used in manufacturing of electronic gadgets. Solid state electronic gadgets utilize low currents and voltages that can be easily disrupted when the metal it travels through gets tarnished or corrodes. Since gold is a very efficient conductor and rarely corrodes or tarnishes, it is an efficient material for carrying electric currents. Gadgets or devices made with gold components are able to operate efficiently due to this.

Gold in electronics, cash for gold Toronto

People may be surprised to find out that most of the devices being used today are manufactured with gold inside of them. Cell phones, Personal Digital Assistants or PDAs, calculators and Global Positioning System Units are just some of the electronic devices that are incorporated with gold.

Gold in computers
Gold uses are varied and several as proven by the use of this metal in electronic devices. One other device that makes use of gold is the modern day computer. Computers make use of gold because of its ability to be an efficient conductor. Computers transmit data to each other at very high speeds and frequent intervals and this kind of activity requires conductors of top quality. Poor conductors can result to massive errors in data transfer which can cripple a computer. Gold has been known to be an excellent conductor, which is why most computers nowadays depend on this element to operate efficiently.

Gold uses are very varied which stands to prove that this metal is not only one of the most precious elements known to man, it is also one of the most relevant.

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