Ancient gold teethThe use of gold teeth has been around since the ancient times. As far back as 2,500 BC, Egyptians have used gold bands and wires to hold their teeth together and to keep them strong.

Around 100 AD, in what is now the region of Tuscany, Etruscans wore gold teeth as status symbols and to make their smiles gleam (after all, a great is smile is just another form of prestige, is it not?).

Mayan nobility habitually carved hollows in their teeth in order to set gems like jades in addition to gold or silver, and Filipinos are credited with the precursor to the urban fashion trend that is grillz since the 1500’s.

Of course, gold teeth were never 100% gold nor 100% teeth. By which I mean that 24K gold would not be hard enough to withstand the rigors of chewing food or worse, the involuntary grinding of teeth for those of us who over-worry. Also, these “teeth” were actually caps that were molded to fit perfectly over broken teeth or to cover a root canal.

Gold grillz on the other hand are mostly covers, usually made of gold or platinum. They slide over one or more teeth as a single unit. Care and craftsmanship are required to ensure a proper fit, after all, no one would like to have it slip off during a meal and break a healthy tooth with an errant bite – or worse, swallow one. Although gold grillz should be removed before eating, we are all liable to make mistakes and forget to do so from time to time.

Whether solid gold moored to a shattered tooth or a stylish Grill covering healthy ones, they are both emblems of power, status and wealth. Moreover, if one were to re-break a gold crowned tooth, one might be able to use said cap as payment to a dentist 😉

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