Gold party in Toronto

Use your social skills to make cash – host a gold party.

Gold party in Toronto

On average, our gold party hostesses make $1000 per evening. Many host on monthly basis.

As a gold party hostess you’d call your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family and invite them to the gold party. At the gold party your guests can sell their gold, but there is no obligation – they can have their jewellery upraised without selling it.

We will send a professional and experienced representative to your location to evaluate the gold and offer you and your guests cash on the spot.

You don’t have to spend a dime – all expenses are on us.

We provide food, drinks (or pay you $100 if you provide the food of your own preference).

You don’t even have to step out of your own home!

Cashforgold.TO has been helping Torontonians to host gold parties for over three years. Today, we present you, your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers with an opportunity to turn that unwanted gold into cash.

Frequently asked questions about gold parties:

Q: How much are you paying for gold at the gold party?
Gold party payout rates are based on the current gold market price. You can be sure that you and your guests will get highest possible gold prices in Toronto. Please call us for an up to date gold price.

Q: Please elaborate on how exactly will I make money by hosting a gold party.
As a gold party hostess you get 15% of total sales at the end of the party. If we pay a total of $10,000 to your guests, you get $1,500 (plus $100 for food and drink expenses).

Q: The $100 food expenses, do I provide the bill? How do you reimburse me?
A: We’ll give you $100 cash, don’t worry about the bill.

Q: Do you measure the gold by full gram or penny weight?
We measure the weight of the gold jewellery in grams. Our precision scales are certified for jewellery use and are accurate to the hundredth of a gram.

Q: How can I be assured that an accurate measuring system is used?
There are few things we can do to make sure you and your guests are comfortable with the equipment:
• We can weigh your phone, and compare the results to the weight listed in the manual (for example: iPhone4 weighs 137 grams).
• You can inspect and choose a scale to be used at your gold party.
• Let us know what would make you feel comfortable – we’ll make it so.

Q: Do you sort the gold and measure it separately by karat category?
Of course, gold jewellery has to be separated into karats before it is weighed – 10 karat gold alloy is 41% pure, while 18 karat is 75% pure.

Q: If I host my party on Sunday, do you give Friday’s closing market rate?
Correct, we’ll base our gold prices on Friday’s closing rate – the gold market is closed on weekends.

Call us with your questions or to host a gold party:

(416) 466-2220