Gold apple, foodIt has been found that gold is not only an essential element in the chemical, electrical and medical fields but also in the food industry as well. Because it is non-allergenic and non-toxic, gold is safe to use as food decoration or to ingest in small amounts. In fact, many luxurious restaurants all over the world now add in edible gold sprinkles and flakes into their cuisines.

Putting gold in food is authorized by the European Union and the United States. The use of gold in food is actually not a very recent idea. In fact, in the ancient Egypt, the pharaohs would add in gold pieces into their food offerings for their Gods. Meanwhile, in the medieval era, Italian noblemen would adorn their risottos with gold flakes. Serving gold coated foods, such as fruits, bread and oyster, was also common in special occasions like weddings. Serving food with gold or adorned with signifies the status of the party host.

In Asia, putting gold in food started to become popular in the 1980’s, most specifically during Japan’s “bubble economy”. During this period, food-grade gold became a popular addition to coffee. Green tea and candies with edible gold also became popular in Kanazawa, where Japan’s gold leaf production was centered.

Today, many restaurants all over the world use gold to decorate foods. One example is the restaurant in New York City, which received recognition for their posh desserts with gold. The restaurant offers chocolate sundae that contains 0.18 ounces of 23-karat edible gold. This dessert is served in a goblet lined and topped with edible gold. However, because gold is a very valuable metal, this dessert is worth $25,000.

The food grade gold that is used in food usually comes in the form of leaf, flakes or dust. Gold sprinkles or gold flakes are often used to decorate ice cream, chocolates, cakes and even drinks in many upscale dining establishments. Gold sprinkles are also often used in wines and other drinks.

In addition, gold food sprays are also now available on the market. These food sprays are used to decorate or make foods like fresh fruits, cakes and pies look gold. Most of these sprays, however, do not contain real gold. Made of sugar, the food sprays just easily melt in the mouth.

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